Welcome (2)We are the First Baptist Church Youth Group.  We love Jesus and we want to know more about him! We get together one time a week, plus various other activities throughout the year (campouts, parties, camps, weekend retreats, etc…) and we spend devoted time, not only getting to know each other better, but more importantly studying about who God is and who he has called us to be.

Youth Group meets on Sunday nights at 6:15 and we usually spend the first 30-45 minutes just hanging out, eating snacks, and playing games together.  Then we will usually play a couple of larger group games that involve everyone.  And then around 7:30-7:45 we will gather together for a time of worship through singing praises to God and then a message from the Bible.  We believe whole-heartedly that God’s Word (the Bible) is his means of teaching us about himself, and so each week we spend devoted time studying His Word so that we can understand more about him and in turn so that we can understand more about what he has called us to, as His children!

Youth Group is a safe place; a place where you are welcome and invited to come, invite friends, ask questions and enjoy the company and fellowship of teenagers your age who are familiar with the things that you are going through.  We hope that you visit us you will feel the warmth and safety that our youth group environment provides and we hope and pray that you will sense the presence of God’s Spirit as we study, learn and grown together!

God bless you!

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